Picture of Rod Lindsey, President and Principal

Founded in 2008, Lindsey Architecture brings together a dedicated, award-winning staff in our Greensboro, North Carolina office. We are a diverse group, multi-talented but singularly focused on doing the best work possible for every client. And though we take our work very seriously, we also take the time to enjoy ourselves. We appreciate the opportunities our clients give us to do something we love, and we believe that comes across in the spaces we design.

Unlike many firms, we are generalists by choice, and we use our diverse expertise to provide sustainable, integrated solutions across a broad range of focus areas, working to incorporate our designs organically into the communities in which they exist. 

We are active in our community on a personal level as well as a business level, working individually with a number of local organizations that strive to create better lives, a better environment and a better future for Greensboro and the Piedmont Triad.

Our Mission

Lindsey Architecture is founded on the premise that a dedication to creative excellence, imagination and innovation, tempered with common sense professionalism and financial stewardship, results in built environments that foster quality of life and work for our clients. We ensure successful outcomes through collaboration and thoughtful understanding of each client’s vision and objectives.

Our Values

  • Excellence

    We are dedicated to creative inspiration, innovation and excellence.

  • Cooperation

    We find and explore successful outcomes through collaboration.

  • Understanding

    We listen to our clients, ensuring that we have a thoughtful awareness of each one’s unique vision and objectives.

  • Knowledge

    We immerse ourselves in our clients’ industries to facilitate innovative yet practical design concepts.

  • Expertise

    We draw on our combined talents and experience to create designs that foster quality of life and work for our clients.

  • Respect

    We combine common sense professionalism and financial responsibility in our approach to every project.

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