We live our lives in a variety of places – places we shop, places we eat, places we relax, and of course the places we call home. These are places people spend their time by choice, not necessity, and we design them to be comfortable, innovative, and dynamic spaces that will enhance the lives of those who occupy them, whether for an hour, an afternoon, or the rest of their lives.

  • BoxCar Bar + Arcade
  • Cook Out

Additional  Projects

Advanced Home Care

Bee Safe

Fort Bragg Motorcycle Canopy

Greensboro Science Center Komodo Dragon Exhibit

Greensboro Science Center Zoo Expansion

Happy Boxes

Setliff Tiny House

SouthEnd Brewing Co.

"The Greensboro Science Center enlisted the services of Lindsey Architecture in 2015 for the aquarium expansion project. The Lindsey Architecture team did a fantastic job of listening and understanding the unique aspects relating to this project. They worked in a timely manner and with the utmost professionalism. They consistently produced deliverables on time and within agreed upon budgets. Lindsey Architecture was a true partner with all parties involved in this project. We are pleased to continue our relationship with them on other Center projects since the aquarium expansion."

-Beth Hemphill, CPA, Chief Financial Officer, Greensboro Science Center

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