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Greensboro, North Carolina

Meet Greensboro, NC - A blend of urban and suburban, fine arts and rich nightlife, independent businesses and international headquarters. With abundant green space and a diverse cultural scene, Greensboro has all the perks of urban life with plenty of room to breathe.1

  • Life

    Why do young professionals keep moving to Greensboro? For starters, the cost-of-living index is an irresistible 10% below the national average and 4% below North Carolina’s. Translation: you don’t have to choose between a social life and saving for a home here (you also get more house for your money). With more than 150 neighborhoods, each with its own history, culture and personality, you’ll find the perfect place to put down roots.1

  • Work

    From global manufacturers to neighborhood bakeries, Greensboro means business – big and small. Anchored by industry leaders in aviation, healthcare and apparel, Greensboro is an emerging hot spot for those looking to start a career, a business or a new chapter.1

  • Arts + Entertainment

    Greensboro is a city fueled by passion, imagination and creative energy. Culture is a priority here, and we’ve got something for everyone. Visual and performing artists flock to our city to find avid audiences, a wealth of venues and a welcoming community of kindred spirits. Whether you’re at a gallery opening or one of the world's largest music festivals, the colorful cultural scene in Greensboro can’t—and shouldn’t—be missed.1

  • Kids + Families

    Two words you won't hear from a Greensboro kid: “I'm bored.” In case you haven't heard, Greensboro's a great place to raise a family. Affordable living? Check. Top-rated schools? Check. Family fun hot spots? There are too many to list! We believe all kids should have a place to express themselves, and we offer plenty of options for doing just that.1

  • Food

    From biscuits to bulgogi, food trucks to fine dining; if you love food, you’ve gotta love Greensboro. Home to an inspired community of eateries that run the gamut of styles and influences, Greensboro’s award-winning food scene is set to savor.1

  • Drink

    In the mood for a good drink? Greensboro has just what you’re thirsty for. With an award-winning distillery and 10 craft breweries on tap alongside hundreds of cocktail spots, wine bars and tasting rooms, it’s not easy to choose a favorite, but you’ll have a great time trying! While you’re at it, get a unique taste of town chatting with the local masters behind Greensboro’s celebrated beverage boom. So, what’ll you have?1

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